All You Need To Know About Film Therapy

We all know that a single movie can provoke all kinds of emotions. They can make you cry, laugh, afraid, inspired, loved, and so on. Many people who are suffering from personal problems watch movies that can help them get the strength to go on and face whatever trials they are facing in life. In fact, many therapists recommend for their patients to watch certain movies, especially those who are going through depression.

All About Film Therapy123 movies

If you like watching movies, then you should know that this can give you plenty of benefits. In fact, psychotherapy developers collaborated with different film experts, coaches, and colleagues to develop a therapy that they can base on movies and television series. This is done by applying these benefits to psychology and coaching. They called this “Film Therapy.”

Benefits Of Film Therapy

According to the creators of film therapy, this technique can offer plenty of benefits, especially to individuals who undergo this therapy. Watching a movie can revitalize you because it allows you to disconnect and relax while having a good time. The film therapy use scenes or sometimes the entire movie to help a lot of people conquer their fears. This can also help others focus on their own problems and find a way to solve them,

Using Film As Psychological Tool

As mentioned above, this type of therapy uses movies or different kind of films as a psychological tool for various purposes. They are very effective as a complement to therapy because of the following factors:

  • When we watch a movie that interests us, it is not new that the film will surely have our undivided attention. The visual impact of movies can help promote concentration which makes it a good psychological tool.
  • How Long Are These Movies? The duration of the film should be the same as the long therapy sessions.
  • How Intense Are The Scenes? The stories, scenes, as well as the characters, are all squeezed into a short span of time. They should be light and no violence or scenes of dying or depression and other mental issues.
  • What Can A Person Learn? The films are usually allegorical and they are like fables and stories. An individual can take advantage of its cognitive effects. The person would be able to formulate theories, be creative, and even promote multiple intelligence.
  • Can the Person Identify Themselves With The Character? Most of the time, the movies picked are the ones where a person can easily identify with the character or the situation that the scenes portray. All of this information will be discussed during therapy sessions too.
  • Interact With Other People. When you watch movies, whether, in a movie theatre or online streaming sites like 123movies hd, it would be easier for you to interact with other people who have also watched the film. In therapy, this serves as a good integrative tool.

The benefits of film therapy don’t stop at watching movies. There are different tools that were also implemented like visual analytics, posters, quotes, comments, and a lot more. Some use coaching and positive psychology in order to improve the abilities as well as the competencies of the person who wants to learn about film from a different perspective.

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