Unleash Your Inner Comedian

What is the difference between ladies you just saw entertaining Donald trump, who makes a presentation about sales forecasts for next year, while you are not conscious?

Every professional comedian is a great presenter. You can argue if you find that every professional comedian is fun or not, because it is based on his comedic style and personal taste. But, no doubt, every professional comedian in Dem.ur is an exceptional presenter because he communicates with the audience, has a clear point of view and keeps the audience involved (and laughing) for an hour.

Democratic Comedian

I believe that everyone can develop their sense of humor in such a way as to improve any presentation, on any topic, boring or not. Even if your subject is boring, you should not be.

I feel your skepticism (I am psychic, but only when it comes to a sense of skepticism). Let me solve some of your problems using some of the myths for you:

Myth 1: not everyone has a sense of humor

Wrong. Everyone has a sense of humor. Everyone laughs at something. I guarantee even your old neighbor in a bad mood, who shouts at his children, laughs at something. Maybe this is not your dog that uses his patio as a toilet (say, congo is much more fun), but I guarantee that he is laughing at something.

Myth 2: I’m not a funny person

Indeed? Again, I guarantee that at least once in your life (possibly more), you made someone laugh. Maybe it was intentional, perhaps unwittingly, but you all made someone laugh. Maybe you accidentally hit the pool at a wedding (like me!). Maybe you came up with a quick buzz with your friends. Your sense of humor is probably one of those things that attracted your friends and spouse to you and helped you live at work. As an exercise, write at least once when you laugh someone. What did you say or did? How did you feel? How did his laugh sound?

Myth 3: I have nothing funny to say

You have experience, stories, feelings and, most importantly, a point of view. The truth is that comedians get up professionally and do not tell “jokes.” They write routines on topics and illustrate their vision of these topics with the help of humor. It’s true, not everyone can be a professional permanent comedian. Choosing this requires strong desire and perseverance. However, everyone can develop their ability to express their sense of humor.

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Adam Lucas