How to Know When There’s an Infestation

Pest control is an important aspect in the upkeep of your home. It can prevent serious damage in the future plus it seeks to safeguard children and pets from contracting diseases brought about by pests. With this, you should know when it is time to call exterminators.

Many homeowners delay calling because they are not quite sure if their pest problem warrants the attention and expertise of Calgary Pest Control. To decide if your situation demands exterminators, you should look for the following signs indicating infestation:

Pest sightings

The most obvious sign that pests are already in your home is actually seeing the pest. Pest sighting will include larva and eggs – whether dead or alive. If there is pest sighting, you need to act immediately because it can indicate a greater problem.

Signs of life

You will know if your house is on the verge of an infestation if you see signs of life like droppings, shedding of body parts, grease marks, and scratches. These are obvious. When you spot urine or droppings, you should be extra careful because it can have dangerous pathogens.

Gnaw marks

Keep in mind that pest needs three things to thrive – shelter, water, and food. Your home can provide all these and if you are not keen on its cleanliness, it will only be a matter of time that they will invade your space.

To prevent invasion, you should watch out for gnaw marks or holes in food packaging as it can mean pests are trying to eat. After discovering the marks, it is time that you call the experts immediately.

Structural damage

As mentioned, your home provides three things that pests need to thrive. With this, they will try to ensure that they establish their presence. In the end, this can lead to structural damage. The two top offenders include rodents and termites.

Termites by nature burrow their way into wood surfaces from ceiling, beams, and flooring while rodents chew through wires and create holes everywhere in your home. These things can lead to structural damage if you overlook it. When you see structural damage, you need to call many professionals from exterminators to builders and electricians. In the end, you will spend more.

Calgary Pest Control

Nests and hives

It is not enough for pests to live inside your home. Many of the pests will make their own living space. For instance, rats or mice will utilise paper debris to make nests. In their nests, you can find their litter.

Insects, on the other hand, build tunnels, hives, and colonies that serve as their home. With this, you need to walk around the house and check the walls, crevices and behind the appliances. When you find nests and hives, call the exterminator immediately.

Strange smells

More importantly, if you notice strange smells, it can indicate an infestation. Exterminators can tell the problem just by the smell of the affected area.

Final words

You should make the right decision when it comes to pest control measures. Identifying the early signs of infestation and taking immediate action can save you a lot of money and stress in the future.

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